How Do I Build My Facebook Page?

As a new organization, one of the first things you want to do is build your social media fan base, especially on Facebook. Regardless of what your main mission or goal is, you need to draw your audiences to your Facebook page. You’ve got a few options here, but to be successful at this you really need to get your customers talking.

  1. Advertise on Site – Make flyers to put around your restaurant, spa, store, etc. “Like us on Facebook for exclusive offers,”  and “Like us on Facebook for updated information,” suffice most of the time, but you need to tailor it to your organization.
  2. Put Coupons/Offers on Your FB Page – This step is probably the most important one. People aren’t going to want to interact on your page without incentive, that’s just the way the world today works. Offer your customers a free appetizer for their Facebook “check-in” or put printable coupon up on the page. Your customers will do these things, which will lead their friends to do them, and so on (Remember the Snowball Effect?). Pretty soon, your page will have the likes it needs to get some serious attention.
  3. Post/Advertise Something Exciting – If you try to post a picture the first day of your Facebook launch, more than likely your response will be minimal. However, once you’ve done the above steps, you will get some serious feedback. Post a picture of your new lunch specials if you’re a restaurant or your special deals if you are a grocery store. These will get likes and shares from people who want to share the wealth with their friends. Once the picture gets out, your page will get more likes.
  4. Keep Them Coming Back – Once you’ve built your fan base, you want to keep them coming back for more. Don’t stop doing the things you’ve been doing to get the people to stay. Offer coupons regularly and continue to post specials and deals to get your customers excited about coming to your establishment. You will keep people interested while also continuing to get more followers.


Kaoz Piercing & Tattoos (pictured) utilizes their page the same way- people know when to get the best deals by liking them on Facebook so they can get the updates on when to go in for piercings and tattoos.

These small things can do a lot to build not only your Facebook fan base, but also your customer fan base. By using Facebook, you can get messages, specials, and coupons out to your customers in a free and convenient manner.

Never underestimate the power of social media!



  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It was very informative and was backed up by great examples. Building an engaged Facebook audience can be really difficult, and keeping their attention is even harder. I like that you mentioned using incentives, its so true, the benefit, is a lot greater when it is mutual. I am even going to try a few of these examples for my organizations page!

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